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Tunnel Safety and Ventilation, Consultancy and Design proceed

Pospisil & Ilg - Associated Engineers is an independent company of engineers and consultants offering a broad range of professional services in the fields of tunnel ventilation, tunnel safety and aerodynamics.

fan station layout

Tunnel Ventilation Design

Before a tunnel goes into the construction phase, its intended safety measures design undergoes calculation, simulation and evaluation in every detail. Deep insight into the fundamentals of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics is required, the nature of smoke propagation and fire development and the interaction with the tunnel ventilation systems has to be understood. The human behavior, also in panic, has to be taken into consideration. Last but not least all relevant design criteria from tunnel safety codes, guidelines and standards as well as third party requirements have to be considered to create a safe, stable, reliable and state-of-the-art system.

  smoke extraction fans

The Real Tunnel Ventilation System

Whatever kind of structure it is - rail, metro or road tunnel - when it comes to the realisation of the tunnel ventilation system, experience, diligence and endurance are of paramount importance. Tenders are to be elaborated, offers to be evaluated and installation works to be supervised. During commissioning of fans, ducts, dampers, fire or smoke detectors, air quality instruments and the control systems, not only myriads of details have to be solved, but also realistic and very carefully planned fire-tests have to prove the result of all efforts at the end of the day.